Heritage X Dr. Romanelli Vietnam Tent Baseball Jacket($800). I know, I know 800 bucks is a lot, But this jacket is special. It’s made from vintage U.S military tents from the 60’s and 70’s. They are chain-stitched by Eric Schrader from Junkyard Jeans and custom color coordinated to match perfectly with stitching, tent color, zipper, and ribbing color. Great looking jacket considering it’s probably older than you.




O’CLOCK WATCHES ($36) is based out of Milan and they’re like silly bands with a watch attached to it. The colorful bands are interchangeable so you can match them to anything. They are made from high quality silicone and they are waterproof. They are durable, cheap and they look great.


STERIPEN TRAVELER MINI ($69.95) uses ultraviolet technology to remove 99.99% of contaminants in water. It only takes about a minute and it prevents you from getting sick if you ever go on vacation to a place where the water supply is less that safe or if you go camping often and you don’t like to carry gallons of water with you. Just immerse the lamp head in the water and when the blue light turns off,  you’ve got clean water. sounds too easy watch the video




The SPROCKET ROCKET CAMERA ($89) captures super wide panoramic shots that extend all the way to the sprocket holes. It also features a rewind feature that allows you to take double exposures. Photographers have been waiting for an affordable camera with all these features for a long time, mix that in with retro styling and the fact that it takes regular 35mm film and you have a fun little camera


With iPhones and Droids phones have become more personal assistants than phones. They’re all about function and not so much about form, while they can take pictures and videos and even show you how your stocks are doing they keep getting uglier. That’s why the iiDA X-RAY PHONE ($TBA) is a breath of fresh air. It does not have a touch screen or an app store but it does have an 8MP camera and email capability, but that’s not what this phone is all about. This phone is all about looks. Its designed by the renowned Tokujin Yoshioka and its made from polycarbonate and glass fiber which allows you to see trough it, it also has an external dot matrix LED that displays email alerts, caller ID and time. If you need apps and all that other stuff don’t get this phone, but if you don’t mind having a phone that basically just makes calls but looks great doing it than the iiDA is right for you.


WOOLRICH UPLAND JACKET ($599) is part of the Woolrich woolen mills collection a slightly more upscale version of regular woolrich apparel, headed by Mark McNairy, it features 100% percent wool on the shell and 100% cotton on the inside to prevent you from getting itchy. Flapped front pockets and genuine leather elbow patches give this jacket a slightly more mature look. Dress it up or down, it’s practical and warm and since its Woolrich its tough.