HARD GRAFT is an austrian based company that specializes in making bags and cases for Laptops and digital media devices like iPhones, iPads and kindles. Their 2Fold laptop bag (€389.00) use only the most premium leathers and wool accents available. And best of all you can carry it in many different ways you can carry it unfolded as a briefcase, shoulder bag, backpack or fold it into a courier or clutch bag. Every piece is unique due to the way they tan the leather and they recommend that you treat your bag with leather wax every couple of months.



TENUE DE NIMES AND LONDON UNDERCOVER DENIM UMBRELLA (£115.00) London undercover and Dutch boutique Tenue De Nimes have teamed to make the plain old umbrella into a cool yet useful accessory. It’s made of denim with an industrial strength beechwood frame. The interior artwork is made by Japanese illustrator Hiyoko Imai and it’s said to be a nod to old-school parasols. This umbrella is so sleek and elegant that you almost don’t want to get it wet.


It’s rare when a men’s brand comes along that captures everything that men want in clothing. Amsterdam based SCOTCH & SODA does it like no other. They blend old school cuts with modern twists but what I like the most is their attention to detail. Their stuff is full of great little details like pearl buttons or contrasting fabrics that only show when you pop your collar or roll up your sleeves. If you’ve never heard of them it’s because they are new to New York and also because they don’t do a lot of advertising, They believe that their clothes speaks for itself and once you have the pleasure own owning a piece you will be hooked. Check out their store in SOHO (corner of Lafayette and Spring)

Hooded basic down bodywarmer (€ 89,95)

This basic hooded down bodywarmer is made from quality nylon, has a contrasting zipper and artwork on the chest. Available in four colors and in sizes L and XL.








Basic long sleeve shirt (€ 59,95)

Basic long sleeve shirt in cotton/lycra quality. It has a crispy crinkle wash and is very suited for a clean-cut look. Available in three colors and in sizes  and XL.





Rel slim fit combat pant – mixed fabrics(€ 99,95)

Relaxed, slim fit and big handy pockets: that is their combat pants. Get ready for some action with this detailed, sturdy piece.








This winter you’re going to need some boots, but not just any old snow boots, you need something a little more refined and grown up like These Cole Haan wingtip boots ($248). They’re waterproof, comfortable due to the Nike Air inside the soles and best of all they’re versatile, you can dress them up with a suit or down with some jeans. Any which way you pair them they will keep you nice and dry and nobody will ever know because in profile they just look like stylish wingtip shoes.

Tip: If you walk a lot and you don’t buy these Cole Haan boots, go with rubber soles, and always, I mean always buy leather.


Heritage X Dr. Romanelli Vietnam Tent Baseball Jacket($800). I know, I know 800 bucks is a lot, But this jacket is special. It’s made from vintage U.S military tents from the 60’s and 70’s. They are chain-stitched by Eric Schrader from Junkyard Jeans and custom color coordinated to match perfectly with stitching, tent color, zipper, and ribbing color. Great looking jacket considering it’s probably older than you.