When you think of the most important musical acts in history you think the Beatles, Run DMC or maybe even Nirvana. But by far one of the most important is Uncle Luke and the 2 live crew and almost nobody knows why.



Dickies has released a special edition of their classic 874 work pant that will benefit unemployed workers in Detroit. For every pair of special edition 874 work pants they sell, a classic pair of 874 work pants will be donated to the metro Detroit Salvation Army to help workers secure jobs. The Special Edition 874 work pants ($50) are handcrafted in the U.S from polycotton fabric that’s wrinkle and stain resistant.


This wallet holds more than money or credit cards, it also holds your iPhone. The Hard Graft phone fold wallet (€65.00) features a thin bi-fold design and ample space to hold your iPhone even with a bumper case. It can hold up to eight credit cards and some cash. The separate iPhone compartment fits iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 
or phones up to 11.5 x 6.2 x 1.2 cm (4.5″ x 2.4″ x 0.45″). Don’t worry about anything falling out because a snap closure keeps everything in place. Check out the video


The DTV Shredder is  an all terrain personal transportation vehicle that resembles a skateboard and tank mixed together.  It can reach speeds of 30mph on dirt, sand, snow, mud and tarmac. It will be available for purchase although no word on when or more importantly how much. You can however make a $250 down payment just to get in line to buy one when they actually go to mass production.


Johnny Cupcakes classic crossbones tee is the original and most sought after Johnny Cupcakes tee to date. Limited editions of this tee are available but when I say limited, I mean limited! only 50 or 100 copies . If you want a limited edition Johnny Cupcakes tee you better act fast because they have a huge and loyal following that even camp out to get their hands on them.


Harrington Mini cars

Vietnam based Harrington Group Makes these awesome half scale cars based on timeless classics like the Jaguar E-type and Porsche 356. They come with a gas powered rear mounted 110cc 4 stroke quad bike engine or a 36v electric motor. The gearbox is semi automatic . The cars have 3 forward gears and reverse,  twin rear hydraulic disk brakes. working lights, indicators, horn, and electric start. They are fast, with a maximum speed of an  43mph, but suspension is only available on the electric version which by the way only goes 14mph. Expect a high price tag for one but something tells me that price won’t matter once you drive one and the wind smears a childhood smile on your face.