Recovery is Eminem’s seventh album, it sold upwards of 700,000 copies in its first week. It was a critical and commercial success. It seemed everyone was hailing it his best work in recent years, everyone but me. I wanted Slim Shady back. I wanted The old Eminem back. I wanted Insults and vulgarity because that’s when Eminem is Eminem. That’s when Eminem’s lyrical abilities shine through. But the more I listed to the album I realized that Eminem just Grew up. Much like his fans and for that matter the world. When the Slim Shady LP came out The world was a different place. Terrorism hadn’t made its debut in New York, The economy was good we didn’t have the worries of war and a deep recession. We had the luxury of making an outspoken rapper from Detroit the focus of our attention. Today though, we just want music to entertain us not shock us. We want music we can relate to in our own state of recovery. With that said, I don’t think Recovery is Eminem’s best or even close but he is on the right path and that’s what recovery is all about.


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