Throughout our lives we learn a lot of things from our dads. Some lessons are easy others hard, some we remember forever and others get forgotten with time. But most car lovers will tell you that the reason they love cars doesn’t come down to the need for speed or the freedom they represent. But to the memories and experiences hey had as kids with their dads. One of my earliest memories is of me and my dad taking a ride in his blue Fiat 250. I don’t remember where we went or why. I just remember the sounds and smells, and watching my dad changing gears effortlessly. In the years to come my dad would own many cars but the one that stands out the most was my dad’s first first coupe an 85′ Toyota Supra. It was grey, It had a ground effects kit and it was fast. Sure it wasn’t very reliable and he had to replace the wheels and tires because they would rub against the fenders and make the whole car smell like burnt rubber. But that didn’t matter because that car spoke to him in the most primordial way. Without knowing it my dad taught me that a car should be more than a box that gets you from point a to point b. They should have soul and passion They should thrill you and make you feel good about yourself. They should teach you about responsibility , hard work and independence. Our dads teach us many things. This is just one more, Thanks pop happy fathers day.


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